Phishing Simulations


Phishing simulation is the practice of creating simulated phishing attacks on employees to test their ability to recognise and respond to phishing attempts. This is done by sending fake emails, to see if employees are able to identify and report suspicious activity. The benefits of phishing simulation include increasing employee awareness of potential security threats, improving security policies and procedures, and identifying areas where additional training or security measures may be needed. 

By regularly conducting phishing simulations, organisations can better prepare employees to protect against real-world threats and minimise the risk of a successful cyber attack.

Why is it important?

Phishing simulation is an important aspect of cybersecurity for businesses and organisations of all sizes. Phishing attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and can pose a significant threat to the security of sensitive data and confidential information. By conducting regular phishing simulations, organisations can identify vulnerabilities and areas of weakness in their security protocols and provide targeted training to employees. This helps to create a culture of security awareness, where employees are empowered to recognise and report suspicious activity. Ultimately, phishing simulations can help to minimise the risk of successful cyber attacks, protect valuable assets and maintain the trust of customers and stakeholders.

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