active threat detection

Active Threat Detection?

How can you protect yourself when you don’t know you’re being attacked? Threat detection tools work to monitor your network for malicious activity, alerting your security team the moment a risk is uncovered. These solutions help prioritize risk, providing vital information to enable a rapid response which can be the difference between maintaining security across the enterprise and a devastating breach that may cripple your organization.

Both IT environments and their attackers have grown far too sophisticated for a single surefire solution to exist. Security strategies must be as multi-faceted as the infrastructures they protect. That’s why threat detection can be used as a preventative, proactive measure against malware attacks, as well as a reactive method to advanced persistent threats infecting a system. Threat detection is also a critical part of any vulnerability management program, which can help you be ready for any type of security threat or disruption.

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Devante can help monitor and identify active threats as well as monitor for configuration changes and suspicious user activity.

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